Countertop Terminal

- Ethernet/Dial
- Chip Enabled

Freestanding terminals are the workhorse of traditional, face-to-face credit card processing in the retail or restaurant environment. We offer a full selection of state-of-the-art, freestanding terminals that are fully-equipped, PCI-compliant, and EMV capable. Freestanding terminals house everything needed to complete a card-present sales transaction — EMV chip reader, phone or Internet connection capability and a receipt printer — in one compact countertop unit. With the addition of a keypad for manual PIN entry, POS terminals can also process PIN debit cards and EBT cards.


Mobile Terminal

- Wireless
- Bluetooth/WiFi

Wireless credit card processing opens merchants up to accepting payment wherever they do business. If you sell (or want to) at outdoor venues, sporting events, kiosks, food carts, open markets or any location where traditional connectivity is a problem, wireless has got you covered.


Add On

Pin Pad - Debit

We offer a large line of pin pads from leading manufacturers that are designed to support all types of businesses and merchant process. Pin pads give our customers flexibility and security at the point of sale by allowing them to enter their proprietary financial information.



- USB Device

- Enabled Through Website

  ~We Provide Software and Login Info

Mobile transaction processing is a must for merchants and service providers who do business in the field and want to use their mobile phones or devices as a terminal on the go. Mobile credit card processing puts the power to profit in the palm of your hand, wherever and whenever you need it.



- Phone Attachment

- Enabled Through Application

   ~ We Provide Login Info

Another use for Mobile transactions is the phone attachment. Works similar to computer USB device, except plugs directly into your phone and/or Tablet device. Application is to be downloaded and connected through processor and ready to use instantly.



Internet Based Retail

We have the online payment solutions to help your internet business prosper. We have the latest equipment designed to interface seamlessly with your shopping cart or local network. At CPS, we know that your potential customers are just one click away from hitting another site if they hit a snag while checking out at your site. That’s why we ensure your customers have a secure, PCI compliant, professional, and seamless payment processing experience. When you partner with CPS for online credit card processing, your customers will have a reliable and trusted electronic payment experience.


Gift Cards/Loyalty

Top Seller

Gift card programs offer many benefits to business owners. Besides building customer loyalty, they generate revenue, increase traffic and provide a low-cost marketing edge that allows small businesses to compete with larger retailers.
COCARD’s gift card and loyalty programs replace the paper gift certificates and punch cards of the past with plastic cards that are readily accepted by consumers, and offer better tracking abilities.
Cards are easily activated at the point-of-sale (POS), reloadable and reusable. Merchant reporting occurs automatically through the POS terminals with the added feature of real-time online transaction and terminal account reporting.
Add loyalty to your gift card program to track the buying behavior of your customers, converting sales to points to incentivize repeat purchases in your retail locations.


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